I began working with Vhari and it was from this first session that I realized there is so much more about the body which I didn’t understand which Vhari does.  Furthermore, Vhari can also bring a complete sense of calm and tranquillity in the sessions. I have made so much progress with MVMNT already with only a couple of weeks of sessions and I know I still have so much more to learn and value to gain and cannot wait to continue my journey and for me, it is a journey that won’t end. From only a few regular sessions, the drastic physical improvements in my mobility, reduction in pain and thorough enjoyment has dramatically increased my motivation to carry on working with MVMNT. Vhari has the experience and a wealth of knowledge that allow her to tailor the sessions specifically to you but also keep them fresh and exciting. In my case, when you think you know it all and only look within for the answer, you neglect yourself from seeking the help you need and become blind to what can truly help you. I owe a lot to Vhari and her MVMNT for not only making it easier for me to tie my shoes in the morning and feeling less pain, but also with feeling better about myself and feeling less anxious, realizing that you are in control of everything, your own body, your own thoughts and your own life. Thank you for what you have helped me with so far and thank you in advance for the life you will let me have in the future with continuing with your MVMNT.”

“Vhari is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health and fitness This she brings to goal planning and each personal training session in a way that is always fun and inspiring. I continue to learn so much from her and have reached my goals so far effortlessly, a word that I could never have used with anything else that I have done in this arena! I would highly recommend Vhari to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness in the most effective and enjoyable way” – Laura 

“Thanks so much for all the help, inspiration and pt sessions. All have helped me get to where I am right now which is my fittest self ever in my life. I look to the marathon with a positive mindset thanks to you.” – Shabnam 

“What a difference 30 minutes makes. Great instruction, you certainly know your game.” – Darren  (chooselifept)

“ As a guy who had been training for years either spinning and running, never had any interest in the weights end of the gym. 3 months with Vhari changed my whole body shape and posture. The encouragement was great and regular discussions helped me get the results I was looking for, varied exercises ensured the training wasn’t repetitive and kept it fresh which in turn kept me motivated.” – Andrew 

“I came to Vhari on a recommendation from a friend in Jan 2017. At that time I was unhappy with my weight and I was looking for a change up in my work outs to make them more effective and actually work.  I have lost over 20 lbs and my fitness and energy levels have increased more than I thought possible, Vhari has given me the tools to understand how to make cardio, weights and HIIT training work for me and given me a great basis to explore new fitness avenues. I would highly recommend Vhari for your PT sessions, you will not be disappointed.” – Mark