There is growing interest in wellbeing initiatives in the workplace… for good reason!

Most people now have a line of work where they are sedentary for the most part of the day. This can have a detrimental affect on their health. Workplace stress can lead to anxiety, depression, a drop in workplace performance and a decrease in morale in the workplace amongst employees.

I offer a Yoga service to corporate companies that include, or are interested in including wellbeing initiatives for their employees. Sessions can be delivered in the workplace, conference suites, meetings or smaller team based or individual sessions in a Studio space.

Examples of what I can offer;

45-60 minute Yoga Classes

Yoga Workshops – Desk based Yoga, Yoga for Sleep and Stress etc

Relaxation Techniques

Mini Massage in the Workplace

Express Lunchtime Yoga

Nutrition, Wellness and Lifestyle Seminars/Discussions


To find out more about what I can offer you and your epmployees, please enquire by email at