“MVMNT, for me, is a celebration of the capabilities of the human body, and its ability to be strong, powerful, supple and protective. As our vehicle in life, I strive to empower all clients to appreciate and enhance all of these qualities. To realise the joy that being able to move freely can give. To prevent unnecessary injuries and promote recovery from old injuries. To assist with your weight management journey so you no longer feel restricted in motion, or mindset. Life is a Joy, and being able to run, jump, dance, squat, handstand, climb mountains, cycle, run around after the kids…allows life to be fully appreciated.”


Vhari is an experienced and well educated professional in the concept of weight management, pain free movement and creating body awareness through multidimensional methods. From her love of Yoga, Functional Movement, Strength Training and other aspects of movement, she aims to help clients realise their full potential by creating sessions that are diverse, fun and improve all aspects of fitness, body and mind! 

She completed an Honours degree in Exercise Physiology and Sport Science, has Diplomas in Personal Training and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and has completed 200 hours of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with multiple related certificates under her belt including suspension training and kettlebells, and a strong background in gymnastics. This deep rooted passion for understanding the wonders of the human body shines through in her delivery of sessions to clients in Yoga, Private 121 Personal Training and Massage.


“For me, the health and fitness industry seemed to become saturated with the obsession with a ‘perfect outcome’; but no will to enjoy the process! I found that there was more concern with ‘Looking Good’, with little thought of the actual physiological, social and psychological benefits of engaging in exercise, fitness and health promoting activites. I began noticing a variety of preventable injuries and health issues that had been the result of one dimensional training, inactive lifestyles and radical diets. I therefore wanted to dedicate my profession to focus on weight management, movement and inspiring CONFIDENCE in who you are, through the use of multiple fitness limbs that benefit our mind, body & spirit! Using my degree knowledge focusing specifically in the fields of anatomy, sports injuries, biomechanics, psychology and nutrition combined with the practical experience of my job as a trainer, therapist and Yoga teacher, I strive help people understand and appreciate what “Health and Fitness” truly is.”

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